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Thank you, Nicholas! Much appreciated!That is a very good question as far as what it will mean for freelancers who reside outside of California. Obviously, it will most likely not change anything for freelance drivers, though I could see an uptick of drivers and transport companies in neighboring states that might have more lax regulations. But as for visual media,
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[Originally published December 9, 2017]As bitcoin’s price has exploded this year — from $770 in January, to Thursday morning’s record-breaking $19,000 breach — the 49er-esque gold rush is in full swing. Ethereum and Litecoin are starting to really heat up as well due to the unattainable-for-most nature of the bitcoin market. While there has, no doubt, been an exponential increase in the amount of millionaires
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[Originally Published November 17, 2017]Last night, the modern day Willy Wonka of non-culinary innovation, Elon Musk, revealed a ground-breaking advancement that will revolutionize interstate commerce, drastically improve highway safety, reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, and maybe even result in increased take home pay for freelance truckers. The Tesla Semi, capable of traveling 500 miles on a charge at highway
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By ERIC J. SEADER | January 22, 2018Life After America: A memoir of the wild and crazy 1960s By Joseph Mark Glazner232 pp. Joseph Mark Glazner.$14.99.Imagine being a peace-loving, creative 22-year-old, watching helplessly as your President and his like-minded Congress hurtle the country towards an unjust war at a deadly pace. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when
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