You wouldn’t expect to see Gordon Ramsay cutting into a perfectly cooked beef wellington with a cheap knife he picked up at the grocery store. Danica Patrick wasn’t winning NASCAR races in a street-legal daily commuter car.
Artists, skilled craftspeople, artisans, and athletes all bring phenomenal talent and years of dedicated effort to their work. But they don’t stop there:
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You’re getting ready to close the deal. The finish line is near. All you need to do is create signature pages and packets, get signatures from every party, track and organize those pages, then create customized closing books—all manually! Of course, this means heading into the office or copy center and then drowning in a sea of paper.
This typical
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For many lawyers, the administration associated with the deal process is cumbersome, tedious, and stressful. Collaborating with multiple parties through back-and-forth emails involves running endless comparisons, attaching large files (that hit firewalls and bounce back), manually tracking the status information in a checklist and—perhaps worst of all—constantly searching your inbox for the latest version of a document. Oh! And don’t
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As we kick off Pride Month, the team at Litera has been thinking about the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. It’s common knowledge by now that diverse companies make better decisionsare more innovative, and have better employee morale and job satisfaction, which increases the hiring pool and simultaneously reduces turnover.  
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In the year since the coronavirus pandemic first swept the globe, the legal industry has changed in dramatic and unprecedented ways, and many of these changes will likely become permanent. Legal teams have shifted their centers of gravity from physical spaces in shared offices to remote corners of individual homes, and clients may only ever meet their lawyers on
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I recently participated in a webinar discussion as part of the Briefing Knowledge Leaders 2021 series. In A Digital Document Lifecycle Toolkit for Tomorrow’s Hybrid Legal Working Model, cohosted by Richard Brent, Editor-in-Chief of Briefing magazine, we welcomed a wide range of knowledge management professionals. The discussion revolved around how they are selecting and deploying a digital toolkit to
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On October 1, Litera held its second The Changing Lawyer LIVE! conference, during which, Litera CMO Julian Morgan announced the winners of Litera’s third annual The Changing Lawyer Awards. Following the announcement, each winner appeared on Litera TV in October to share insights into their work:
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