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Artificial Intelligence has become the biggest buzz word in legal technology since, well the last biggest buzzword.  ECA, TAR, Blockchain, Analytics, Big Data, Collaboration, Disruption, Innovation.

Every 6 months we have a new “big thing” and right now it’s AI.

Articles are constantly harping on the rise of the machines that AI portends. Gartner includes AI on their list of
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With the high number of eDiscovery vendors and the huge amount of ED conferences, webinars, and seminars, you might ask why we would talk about eDiscovery for “the rest of us”.  eDiscovery was initially seen as the exclusive domain of large firms with large cases in Federal court but now the fact is that firms of all sizes must know
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Made it home Thursday nite after one last run thru the exhibit hall and catching uo with folks I missed the first three days. Hard to believe, but as he pointed out in his Pinhawk Law Technology Daily Digest today, Jeff Brandt wasn’t one of them.

Jeff felt that ” “reunion” dominated the conference” and I’d be hard pressed to
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The first full day of sessions kicked off with a keynote from Patrick Schwerdtfeger that was curiously lacking in focus on our profession but quickly transitioned into what ILTA does best … educate. Sessions on working with Manged Service Providers, Change Management, a Microsoft company update and a late PM discussion on the annual ILTA Lit Support survey were highlights

ILTACON is back! The oepning night reception which was marveously hosted by Everlaw with opening remarks by inudsutry stalwart Chuck Kellner who serves as Everlaws Strategic Discovery Advisor, had a resunding attendance of just over 1500. The food was excellent, the musical performance tasteful and the ambience was, well …. There were hugs and tears and just a tremendous atmosphere

Louisiana lawyers, do you have your 6 1/2 hours of in-person CLE? For mandatory continuing legal education compliance in 2022, it is required that 6.5 hours of CLE be taken in person. Fulfill the in person CLE requirement at NOBA’s 6 1/2 Sizzling Summer CLEs for a special rate of $99!

August 18 at the Pontchartrain Convention and Civic Center.
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Discussions about electronic discovery have traditionally focused on civil matters because civil cases have historically been more document intensive and thus that discovery process has been more richly nuanced. In addition, when criminal matters do have relevant documents, the discovery standard has been the so-called Brady rule, named after the landmark Supreme Court ruling Brady v. Maryland (373 U.S.

I recently wrote an article for the Federal Defenders about US v Morgan (Western District of New York, 1:18-CR-00108 EAW, decided Oct 8, 2020). The case is an example of diligent defense counsel challenging the government on how it produced terabytes of data and features a detailed analysis of those productions and their failings by Judge Elizabeth A.
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Rachi Messing and I are just teeing up our 2022 interviews for the eDiscovery Channel so in the meantime I thought I’d start the new year with this little gem. Chad Roberts turned the tables on me at the Georgetown AEDI in Washington DC last year shortly before Thanksgiving.

Chad, for those of you who dont know him, is the
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Anyone who missed our traditional end of year chat with a member of the judiciary, here is a repost of Rachi and I talking with Judge Paul Grimm of the USDC Maryland. Judge Grimm is insightful, thoughtful and well spoken so Joe Bob says check it out.
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