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One thing that attracted me to my current role was to be able to work with a governance board again. A proper one. Every board has its own personality and I’m already learning the differences between this board and the one that I worked with in Hamilton County, Ohio, which was positive but different. The relationship between the law library
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I’ve just finished my first solo Board meeting. Our law library is overseen by a Board of Trustees that meets monthly. My first meeting I was just a wallflower. This time, I had to actually do a bit of heavy lifting. This included an attempt to help give some perspective on our financial income.

I use the word “solo” loosely.
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I’m learning Spanish. Now that I’m living in California, it seems a wise skill to pick up. One of the first things I accessed with my library card was their Rosetta Stone language subscription. I don’t aim for fluency, although who knows. One reason I started was because I was thinking about how to better support bilingual legal information needs
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I almost snorted my coffee. My newsfeed popped up an article by a lawyer that described the appropriateness of the legal profession’s caste system entitled “Separate, not equal.” His position seems to be that not all legal professionals should have an equal expectation of access to legal information, whether due to “lawyers … [being] slow to accept paralegals…”
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I’ve been doing one-on-one meetings with all of my staff at my new job. It’s something I’ve done each time I have moved. And I’m reminded, once again, how valuable it is to sit down with everyone, out of the chain of command and hierarchy, and just talk. One thing that came up, and which I’ve been asked in other
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Allow me a self-congratulatory moment: this is my 1,000th blog post. It came as a bit of a surprise, as it’s not something I was tracking. When I enter the blog dashboard, I usually click on “Add new post” and leave once I’ve written it. WordPress shows you how many posts you have and one day, doing the math of
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I was talking to a legal publisher about some training recently, as we’ve had some staff changes in the last year. At some point, I became backup for one of our staff managing our electronic access accounts, as you do when you work in a small team. When that staff person moved on, I’d just kept doing the task. When
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My first book came out as both a paper object and a digital one. In 2010, the digital e-book (a DRM‘d PDF) was a bit novel, one of the first the legal publisher had attempted. I’ve been curious about what role, if any, e-books have in legal information since then. I’ve created some e-books and am not surprised by
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