The majority of law firms use just five or fewer unique software products, according to a legal industry study published today by the law practice management company Smokeball.
The study, How Technology is Changing the Legal Industry in 2023, looks primarily at law firms of 50 or fewer employees, and finds that 77% of those firms use five or
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On this episode of LawNext, we take a closer look at Smokeball, the law practice management company whose roots are in Australia but that is firmly entrenched in the United States. In fact, after Smokeball was founded in 2010, its very first customer was a law firm in Chicago. 
Appropriately, then, it was in Chicago last week, during ABA
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Aiming to help law firms capture more client leads and streamline client intake, the law practice management company Smokeball is introducing Smokeball Intake, an intake workflow system integrated within its platform that is intended to provide potential clients with the kind of digital experience they expect from a modern law firm.
The new feature is currently being tested in beta
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Earlier this month, in a sign of the increasing legal acceptance of gender-neutral markers, the U.S. Department of State allowed U.S. citizens to select X as their gender marker on their passports.
Yet, while it is common for legal document automation software to detect the male or female gender of the subject of the document and adjust the pronouns accordingly,
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