With the acquisition last week by payments company AffiniPay, parent of LawPay, of practice management company MyCase, one intriguing aspect of the deal was that, until then, LawPay had been the legal tech equivalent of Switzerland, partnering with virtually every practice management platform, but always neutral as to which should win the competition for the market. But
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ImageRights International, a company whose technology has helped visual artists protect their copyrights since 2009, is now entering the legal tech market with its launch today of ImageRights for Law Firms, a platform designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments directly protect their clients’ copyrighted photographs, illustrations, digital art and other visual works.
The company announced
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Marking its second acquisition this year, the cloud practice management company SurePoint Technologies has acquired Coyote Analytics, a company that provides practice management, financial management and business intelligence software for law firms.
In February, SurePoint acquired Cole Valley Software, a popular client relations management (CRM) software for law firms.
SurePoint — previously known as Rippe & Kinston Systems
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The law practice management platform PracticePanther is today beginning a limited-time “SwitchScription” offer by which it will buy out law firms from up to seven months of their current practice management contracts if they switch to PracticePanther.
“At PracticePanther, we believe that every law firm should be able to choose the solution that best serves the current needs
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The law practice management company Clio today introduced an offer to buy lawyers out of their contracts with competing practice management platforms if they switch to Clio’s platform.
Clio said it will help cover the remaining cost of the contract with the competitor by providing a credit of up to six months of free Clio software. It is also offering
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By Jim Calloway and Julie Bays
(Authors’ note: Because we waited for our print bar journal to be released, we are sharing this some time after ABA TECHSHOW. But that gave us the ability to include some content from other reviewers.)
Law office technology tools increasingly impact how lawyers practice law. I recently talked to a lawyer who said,
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Earlier this month, in a sign of the increasing legal acceptance of gender-neutral markers, the U.S. Department of State allowed U.S. citizens to select X as their gender marker on their passports.
Yet, while it is common for legal document automation software to detect the male or female gender of the subject of the document and adjust the pronouns accordingly,
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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has launched additional analytics and visualization in  IPO Vital Signs on RBsource Filings. The  new features offer interactive tables and graphics for  the visualization of IPO metrics. The interactive graphics  enable users to drill down to subsegments of the market or activity by specific law firms.
“The IPO market continues to show strong activity
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The sharper-eyed among you may have notice that Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. released product news on each of the last two Mondays — on April 11 announcing its partnership with Courtroom Insight to add profiles and reviews to the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, and on April 18 announcing its relaunch of Manual IP, a key
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It was a surprise to many in the legal technology community when the legal tech company Litera announced this week that Avaneesh Marwaha was stepping down as CEO and into a new role as chairman of the company’s board of directors.
Replacing Marwaha as CEO is Sheryl Hoskins, a veteran technology executive who spent the first decade of her
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Lex Machina has launched a new module of Legal Analytics for federal courts of appeal (“Appellate Analytics”). The module adds nearly 400,000 circuit court cases from across all 13 federal circuits. Until now the majority of federal analytics products have covered  trial courts — federal district courts. Litigators will be excited to learn that there is finally a source for
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In a notable expansion upward in the judicial hierarchy, the legal analytics platform Lex Machina, which is owned by LexisNexis, has launched Appellate Analytics — legal analytics for federal courts of appeals — giving users an end-to-end overview of what happens during litigation, from trial all the way through appeal, and enabling legal professionals to better evaluate the timing
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The law practice management company Paradigm has acquired LollyLaw, a cloud-based, all-in-one practice management platform designed for immigration law firms.
The acquisition adds immigration software to Paradigm’s portfolio of law practice products that already includes the practice management platforms PracticePantherBill4Time and MerusCase; the payments platform Headnote; and the legal accounting software TrustBooks, which it
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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  relaunched the Manual IP within Kluwer IP Law. Manual IP is  a powerful “how to” guide for compliance explaining the IP procedures and laws  for Intellectual Property application in 238 jurisdictions. The innovative redesign of Manual IP  allows IP professionals to quickly locate specific procedural answers.
“For IP professionals, having access to the
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