Swiss patent law firm Da Vinci Partners sued Kili Technology for trademark infringement and unfair competition over the naming of its generative AI-powered patent drafting tool davinci, arguing the lines between “goods” and “services” have blurred. This case was first surfaced by Radar.

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In this quick fire interview in the final countdown to Legalweek New York, Legal IT Insider’s editor Caroline Hill spoke with Kili Technology’s founder and CEO François-Xavier (FX) Leduc about […]

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A new intellectual property tool debuting today uses artificial intelligence to draft patents and office action answers in order to deliver — as its website puts it — “better patents in half of the time.”

Called davinci, the tool was developed by Kili Technology Inc., a company founded in 2018 in France that focuses on building high-quality data

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We talk with Michael Bommarito, CEO of 273 Ventures and well-known innovator and thinker in legal technology and education. Bommarito and his colleague, Daniel Katz were behind GPT-3 and GPT-4 taking the Bar Exam. While he and Katz understand the hype in the media reaction, he states that most of the legal and technology

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Benjamin Alarie and Abdi Aidid are legal experts who are heavily involved in the development of legal technology. They are releasing a new book, The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better later this year. 
Benjamin Alarie is a tax law professor at the University of Toronto and has been in the tax law profession since 2004.

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It is pretty apparent that we are in a super Hype Cycle when it comes to AI tools like ChatGPT, but for many of us in the legal profession, we’re not used to reaching this point of the cycle at the same time as the rest of the world. Because things are happening so fast, we wanted to bring in

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Docket Alarm, which is owned by Fastcase, is one of several products on the market that allow legal professionals to search and browse dockets of federal and state courts. But, when using any of these services, as you browse docket entries, there is no quick way to know what a litigation filing is about without having to download

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