* ChatGPT “passes” law school exam. Which is not really how law school works, but cool. Congrats on your below market salary, debt-laden hellscape Johnny 5! [CBS]

* Lawyer threats avert robot legal apocalypse. I’m still pretty sure this is a stupid temper tantrum from lawyers who think they’re special snowflakes, but here we are. [NPR]

* Madison Square Garden’s lawyer ban may violate bias laws. Reality continues to lag about 4 weeks behind what I say. Are people not watching my podcast appearances when they come out live? Because we could speed all this up. [NBC]

* Paperwork is just not Elon Musk’s “style.” That’s cool and all, but you still need to do it before publicly announcing that you have done the paperwork. [Law360]

* Axiom opens law firm in Arizona thanks to regulatory changes. [ABA Journal]

* Craziest. Story. Ever. [Courthouse News Service]

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