We are pleased to announce an extension of our integration with Courtroom Insight which allows us to provide valuable case information organized by judge and by expert to their knowledge management platform. Through the expanded use of our APIs, we are now able to autopopulate unique docket details for each firm’s cases before a judge. This expanded integration enables our mutual customers to view a judicial profile on Courtroom Insight and automatically identify all the firm’s attorney appearances and experiences before that judge on a real-time basis.


This solution effectively answers the critical question of “Which of my colleagues has appeared before this judge?” and eliminates the need to send a firmwide email that is unlikely to return an accurate and timely response.


With this enhancement, our customers no longer need to manually search and enter appearance information into spreadsheets or other static databases. Docket Alarm is proud to be a part of helping Courtroom Insight to create a one-stop shop approach to integrated litigation knowledge management improves workflow efficiency.