The law practice management platform PracticePanther is today beginning a limited-time “SwitchScription” offer by which it will buy out law firms from up to seven months of their current practice management contracts if they switch to PracticePanther.

“At PracticePanther, we believe that every law firm should be able to choose the solution that best serves the current needs of their firm – regardless of what may have worked for them in the past,” said Mayowa Oyebadejo, VP of marketing at PracticePanther and its parent company Paradigm. “Our new SwitchScription offer empowers law firms with the ability to make this change by removing the common concerns of switching costs and data migration.”

The announcement comes a week after practice management company Clio unveiled a similar offer to buy lawyers out of their contracts with competing practice management platforms if they switch to Clio’s platform. Clio’s offer covered up to six months of the remaining cost of the contract with the competitor through a credit of free Clio software.

PracticePanther’s offer, which starts today and is good through June 30, 2022, covers up to seven months. The terms include:

  • For any law firm that switches to PracticePanther by enrolling in any of its  annual plans, PracticePanther will buy the firm out of its existing contract with a different practice management company, in the form of a credit of up to seven free months of PracticePanther software.
  • To qualify, the firm must have at least two months left on its current annual contract and be a new PracticePanther subscriber.
  • Firms will also receive free data migration from PracticePanther specialists and custom onboarding.

PracticePanther said that its data migration specialists will work with firms to ensure they are able to quickly migrate their practice data, including all their contacts, notes, events, tasks, time entries, expenses and relationships.

“It’s no secret that the needs of law firms evolve as their book of business grows,” said Colin Li, CFO/CRO at PracticePanther and Paradigm. “In many cases, changing needs are actually characteristic of a healthy and thriving practice. However, many firms are locked into contracts with outdated and rudimentary case management solutions that just aren’t keeping up with the evolution of their law firms.”

You can learn more about the offer at this link.