In this episode of Reimagining Law, we speak to Kevin O’Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog, Inc., the largest community of legal publishers in the world. Kevin discuss why lawyers should start a blog, best practices for marketing your firm virtually, and why blogging could help curtail the rural lawyer shortage.

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  • 00:34: Why should lawyers start a blog?
  • 1:25: What are some best practices for blogging?
  • 2:37: What are some of the things lawyers should not do when they’re blogging?
  • 3:57: How do you focus on would-be clients or the people you want to get your content in front of?
  • 5:21: You’re making connections with people, you’re making connections between different types of content, is that more important today than when you started writing about blogging?
  • 6:52: So it sounds like in the legal marketing space, this is just going to increase over time, the need for connections via the internet?

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About Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe is a trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, who founded and serves as CEO of LexBlog, Inc., the largest community of legal publishers in the world.

After practicing as a trial lawyer in rural Wisconsin for 17 years, he closed his law firm and moved (as a family of seven) to Seattle to start his first company, was a virtual law community of people helping people, a sort of AOL on the law, featuring message boards, articles, chats, listservs, and ask-a-lawyer. was sold to LexisNexis, where it was incorporated into Martindale-Hubbell’s

After a stint as VP of Business Development at LexisNexis, Kevin founded LexBlog in 2004 out of his garage (no affiliation with LexisNexis). Since then, LexBlog has grown to a community of over 30,000 legal professionals worldwide.

Kevin also blogs at Real Lawyers Have Blogs, now in its 18th year, where he shares information, news, and commentary to help legal professionals looking to network online, whether it be via blogging or other social media.

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About Reimagining Law

The Reimagining Law video series explores how legal and judicial professionals are adapting the delivery of services to meet the unique needs of today’s consumers. Reimagining Law is produced by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.

This episode was recorded on October 4, 2021.

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