In this interview, we talk to Cathy L. Cupp and Grant Ossler, a mentor and mentee in the Commission’s mentoring program. Cathy and Grant discuss how mentoring has helped them weather job changes and expand their career prospects as well as an attorney’s obligation to pass the torch to the younger generation. Cathy and Grant participate in the Commission’s mentoring program through the Chicago Bar Association. 

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  • 0:08 – Why did you join a mentoring program? 
  • 1:36 – What opportunities have resulted from your mentoring partnership? 
  • 2:53 – How has your mentoring relationship evolved since the pandemic began? 
  • 4:34 – How does mentoring fit into your overall professional development strategy? 
  • 6:37 – How can mentoring strengthen the legal profession? 

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Cathy L. Cupp 

Cathy Cupp is an experienced corporate attorney with a background in directing international legal services and teams. Cathy’s expertise includes advising on a variety of business and strategic planning activities such as commercial transactions, high-level negotiations, contracts, employment and compensation agreements, financial instruments, and intellectual property.

Throughout her career, Cathy has facilitated multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions, managed Boards of Directors, and provided corporate governance. Cathy graduated from Purdue University and received her J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law.

Grant Ossler 

Grant Ossler is an attorney at The Motley Fool in Alexandria, Virginia. Grant has expertise in digital media and the entertainment industry, particularly with regard to intellectual property, marketing, and advertising. Prior to his current role, Grant worked at The Onion, Inc. where he offered guidance through intellectual property matters related to copyrights and trademarks for branding and production services 

Grant received his undergraduate degree from William Penn University and his MBA and J.D. from George Mason University.  

This episode was recorded on January 19, 2021. 

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