Life has changed drastically for many Americans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For law firms, this means there is a need to shift many of the ways in which you might typically do business to accommodate these changes, and adjusting your digital marketing efforts to reflect a changed world.


What exactly can we expect from the future of digital marketing for law firms in a post-pandemic world? Here’s a quick overview.


One of the biggest changes brought forth by the pandemic is the feeling of isolation, and the loss of many of the everyday connections people enjoyed. People have been separated from friends and family and forced to work remotely, but as human beings there is still an intense need for connection that cannot be ignored.

Digital marketing campaigns for the foreseeable future are likely to focus on this connection and how even despite the difficulties brought forth by the pandemic it is still possible to create meaningful connections that drive better case results and greater overall client satisfaction.


Some studies indicate internet usage by people during the pandemic has risen between 50 and 70 percent. This means a greater emphasis on the creation of digital content can help your firm better connect with a captive audience.

The kinds of content being created during the pandemic have taken different forms than what you might have seen previously. While there should still be an emphasis on written content for your blog, you should also consider how you can make the content you create more personal to create the connection your audience craves. This can include personalized landing pages or email campaigns, online Zoom seminars, video series covering important legal topics, etc.


As mentioned previously, the need for more personal connection will affect just about every area of post-pandemic marketing, and thus it will become important for firms to focus their digital marketing on the needs of individual clients.

One-size-fits-all marketing plans haven’t worked for a long time now, and they’re especially outdated in the aftermath of a pandemic. It is crucial that law firms find ways to tailor their communications, legal advice and marketing to each individual client and their needs.

You can expect to see a lot of firms honing in on narrower niches with their marketing, but creating marketing plans for a lot of those niche audiences. The idea is to make it feel more than ever like you’re speaking directly to individual clients, while still covering your bases with your broader audience and making sure you’re hitting on all of your practice areas.

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Post originally appeared on the Conroy Creative Counsel website.