By Peter Colin and ,Marc Jacobson

,Originally published on the New York State Bar Association’s Entertainment and Sports Law Blog

The World Intellectual Property Organization revealed a new global online business service,

The idea is the service is

Each token costs 20 CHF, or roughly $21 USD. Premium certificates, PDFs confirming a token’s validation signed and stamped by WIPO can also be requested for the same price, although not necessary to the WIPO PROOF

To use WIPO PROOF, creating a WIPO account is required. WIPO account holders would connect to the

The token becomes invalid if the original file is modified in any way, including formatting changes, as it is the record of an exact specific file. Changing the font or punctuation in the underlying file changes the file’s properties and metadata, and the token will no longer match. The hash created by WIPO PROOF’s one-way algorithm cannot recreate or read the files it processes; cryptography (algorithms and code used to encrypt data)


The WIPO PROOF website suggests WIPO PROOF’s use cases are as additional elements of IP management strategy and as a complement of existing IP systems and safeguards regardless of whether the protected assets become protectible IP.