It’s episode 75!! We think we look fabulous and that we definitely don’t look a day over 50.
While most professional associations are experiencing significant changes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, today’s guests have launched a brand new network and say that this might be one of the best times to enter the market. The Legal Value Network (LVN) focuses on the delivery of services and connecting professionals from law firms, corporate legal departments, alternative legal services companies, and technology providers. Kristina Lambright and Purvi Sanghvi are part of the LVN Executive Board and discuss the launch of the network, and how they are providing content and connections to those in the network.
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Information Inspirations
Denton’s Managing Partner wrote an excellent article in The Hill entitled “Let’s stop asking ‘When are We Going Back to the Office?’” The leader of the world’s largest law firm had some sharp criticism for many of the partners at his firm who are pushing for a return to the office. He points out the privilege that many of these partners are expressing without consideration to the staff, and the gender disparity that will occur if there is a rush to get back to the office.
It turns out that “Don’t let an emergency go to waste” is a Rahm Emanuel reference, and it turns out that we’ve been saying it wrong… and incompletely. According to Emanuel’s interview on Freakonomics, the quote was, “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste. It’s the opportunity to do the things you never thought possible and make them possible.”
Our friend, Cat Moon, through her Make Law Better initiative, is looking for volunteers who are legal innovators and are looking for ways to help during this pandemic.
Check out Marlene’s ILTA co-committee members, Amy Monaghan and Mike Ertel’s article on Empathetic Human-Centered Design Overlay on Design Thinking Post COVID-19.
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