Starting today is a free, week-long virtual bankruptcy summit designed for attorneys who would like to transition their practices into bankruptcy law as well as for current practitioners who want to take a deeper dive into specific types of cases.

Called Bankruptcy Week, the five-day program is presented by NextChapter, the cloud-based bankruptcy platform owned by Fastcase.

“At the end of this five-day virtual event, you will have a better understanding of bankruptcy law and be ready to take on bankruptcy clients,” the summit’s website promises.

If five days sounds overwhelming, fear not. Programs are spaced throughout each day to allow time for you to do other things before, between and after the presentations.

The faculty includes a number of bankruptcy attorneys as well as experts in other areas of building and marketing a law practice.

Program topics include bankruptcy basics, transitioning to bankruptcy, business bankruptcies, and bankruptcy systems and workflows.

Programs also cover issues such as refining your law firm strategy, marketing your law firm, and getting paid.

The program starts today at 11 a.m. Eastern time with a keynote presentation by Janine Sickmeyer, NextChapter’s founder and managing director. It ends with a closing keynote 4 p.m. Friday by Jack Newton, cofounder and CEO of Clio, on The Client-Centered Law Firm.

There is still time to register, so visit the summit’s website for full details and to register.