How quickly things can change.

Social distancing is challenging for many of the tasks that lawyers do. Many courts are now closed to the general public so they can continue to provide emergency services and so staff can safely continue some of their work. Court dates and other deadlines that motivate clients to work with their lawyers to resolve their matters are stayed. Yet some clients still really want their matters heard now. Many of the business clients lawyers represent are closed.

Small businesses are impacted by pandemic closings more quickly than larger ones. The same is true for lawyers in solo and small firm practice settings.

Many business clients are fearful for their future. Many lawyers are fearful for their future.

In response to these changes, I’ve decided to provide short daily tips for practicing in a crisis. Everyone is feeling the stress and there are many things some law firms need to do to effectively practice in this strange new time. So I am shooting for short pieces that make you think or motivate you.

So please visit the daily tips page.

Some of my colleagues are writing some really good pieces on topics of interest as well. So, another part of my idea is to frequently pair my short tips with a link to a longer related piece, video or other resource.

I have covered Zoom Security Tips, “Home without a scanner? There’s an app for that” and have directed everyone to the cutest working from home video you will see for our profession: The Burneys: Bears & Boundaries & Conference Calls. Thanks, Bret Burney.

A few of these tips will be state-specific. Oklahoma has a relatively new Remote Online Notary Act. Lawyers are obviously very interested in this relatively new law under our current situation. So, I located some knowledgeable lawyers and recorded a video explaining the law and one of them even provided a downloadable tip sheet. Check the Oklahoma’s Remote Online Notary Act tip.

And, yes, I will also push them out through this blog.

Stay safe, everyone.