Hi Friends,

As our nation deals with this national crisis, I know that many law firms and individual lawyers are stepping up their pro bono activities to help ease the stress on providing legal services and on the entire legal system generally.

At Docket Alarm, we want to do our part, however small. For at least the next three months, and as long as this crisis continues, we will be providing free access to attorneys that are working on pro bono matters and would find the service useful.

If you’re unfamiliar with Docket Alarm’s database of motions, briefs, and dockets, and you’re unsure if it can be helpful, please reach out to questions@docketalarm.com for an introduction. We will also be hosting webinars Friday at 1PM.

Please stay safe during this crisis.

Best Regards,

Michael Sander
Founder and Managing Director
Docket Alarm

Note: although Docket Alarm can provide its services for free, we will still need to pass through any government document fees (e.g., PACER fees) that are incurred through Docket Alarm.