I’ve been getting some good reviews and nice comments about my new book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations. TOday seemed like a good day to post a few of them.

It’s practical and hands-on. It’s also encyclopaedic and full of wise observations in feel and tone, rather than didactic and pushing home one particular view.

Yet, for the super-experienced Jedi masters of the mystical force known as ‘I’ – this will also act as a useful bedside book, acting perhaps as a touchstone for their own thoughts on the subject.

Overall then, I’d recommend this book. It may not change your world, but if you’re on the I-path then it may well become your trusty companion and a source of practical encouragement. – Richard Tromans

Bottom line, the book is chock full of useful and practical tips based on Dennis’ years of experience as an actual in-house counsel. The strength of the book is that it combines Kennedy’s knowledge about technology and innovation with his real work experience.

I used to have a partner who was fond of saying never identify a problem without offering a solution. The strength of the book is that it is true to this principle. It is a comprehensive look at innovation in the legal space—and more broadly, how to better practice law now and in the future. – Steve Embry

I personally enjoyed the Chapters covering techniques to optimize lawyer engagement; requests to make if you are put in charge; the use of Innovation Committees and Advisory Board; techniques to avoid with lawyers; the value proposition canvas tool; design sprints; the in-depth guidance on risk alignment and breaking through the many innovation barriers – as these are not topics that I find covered in books of this nature.

Finally, the last section including the 57 substantive tips and the recommended reading and website resources will keep me and I suspect any reader engaged for some time! – Patrick McKenna

I’ve been really apprehensive about starting my new job] but picked up a copy of Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law and already feel I have more of a frame to work with. It’s been such a helpful guide for someone who has spent a lot of my career thinking ‘I’m sure we must be able to do this BETTER’ but not really having the platform to help guide change.

Thank you very much for writing it, I’m sure I’ll be returning to it frequently over the coming months

El libro cubre de una forma bastante completa las diferentes aristas de la innovación legal con un enfoque bien práctico. Recomiendo mucho este libro para interesados en tema y mas aún para personas involucradas en proyectos que busquen generar disrupción en servicios legales.[The book covers quite completely the different aspects of legal innovation with a very practical approach. I highly recommend this book for interested parties and even more so for people involved in projects that seek to disrupt legal services.]

Your new book is coming in handy! – new law firm Chief Innovation Officer

I’ve been very pleased so far with the great reaction to the book, but, knowing me, I probably won’t be happy until everyone in the field of legal innovation has read it.

If you want a sample of the book’s content, download my FREE “57 Tips for Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law” (PDF).

The book is a product of Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory.


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