I am thrilled today to announce the official launch of a website whose purpose is to provide broad coverage of legal technology news, reviews and insights, through a range of voices from throughout the United States and around the world.

LegalTech Monitor will aggregate and curate the best writing on legal technology — drawn from bloggers all over the world who are covering this essential field. Our hope is that LegalTech Monitor will bring their posts together in a site that will become a one-stop shop for all things legal tech.

Today is a soft launch of the site, with only a handful of blogs included so far. But now that the site is public, I hope that every blogger who writes about legal technology will add their feed and help us create a unique and valuable resource.

And let me be very clear here: There is no cost to add your site. Simply provide your URL and we use our aggregation engine to pick up your site’s RSS feed and add your content to the mix.

What Is LegalTech Monitor?

The site will provide one-stop access to blog posts about legal technology. You can visit the site to find out what’s new, or subscribe to the site’s email updates or RSS feed.

For now, there are two main sections to the site:

  • Curated articles. At the top of the page are the day’s top posts, as selected by me as editor. Each morning, I will go through the latest posts and choose what I judge to be the most important.
  • Aggregated articles. Lower on the page is an aggregated stream of all articles flowing through the site. Once a blog is approved to join the site, all its articles will appear in this feed automatically.

In preparing the site for launch, I have added in only a handful of blogs. The blogs I’ve added so far are ones that are already being syndicated through the LexBlog.com site. I will not add any blog without the blogger’s permission, which is why we ask you to join if you want your blog included.

Eventually, my hope is that the site will encompass a range of legaltech articles, such as:

  • Product announcements.
  • Product reviews.
  • Legal tech trends.
  • Tech company news.
  • Investments and acquisitions.
  • Opinion and analysis.

Who Is Behind This?

LegalTech Monitor is a site I am launching, and I will serve as its editor.

The site is produced and hosted by LexBlog (where I am editor-in-chief). It is is powered by LexBlog’s syndication portal technology, which makes it simple for organizations of any kind to launch and manage content portals. As an example of another site that uses this technology, see Illinois Lawyer Now.

How Do I Add My Blog?

There is no cost or obligation to add a blog to the site. Provide us with your blog’s URL, and we will add your RSS feed.

Go here to join.

One note about this: As editor, I reserve the right to reject blogs that, in my opinion, do not fit with the mission of the site or that are overtly promotional or commercial.

Let Me Know What You Think

I would greatly appreciate any and all thoughts about the site and suggestions for improving it. Feel free to email me (ambrogi-at-gmail-dot-com) or tweet at me (@bobambrogi).