In September, we announced a new awards competition for legal blogs — the inaugural LexBlog Excellence Awards, designed to honor exemplary writing on legal blogs — and we issued a call for entries.

We said then that we would announce the winners on Dec. 9. As many of you have noticed and asked about, that day has come and gone without an announcement. So here’s an update.

What we did not anticipate was the quantity of entries that would be submitted. We received over 400 submissions, which our small-but-dedicated editorial team at LexBlog spent many days diligently and carefully reviewing.

Out of those 400-plus entries, we read and scored them all and selected the best to forward on to our outside panel of judges. The ballots are now in their hands.

Long story short, we have given the judges until Dec. 20 to return their votes. We will tally those results and announce the final winners no later than Dec. 27, possibly sooner.

Thanks for your patience and thanks to all of you who participated. The submissions proved the point — there are many, many excellent blogs in the legal world.