Over the last few years, I have published on a range of topics, including anti-corruption, environmental regulation, legal innovation, and property law, among other areas. It is intellectually rewarding to see that academics and professionals from Australia, Hong Kong, the U.S., and other regions have cited some of my published pieces in their scholarship and find them useful. 

A small anthology below begins to build.

Anti-Corruption Law

  • Footnote 47 of Michael, Bryane and Goo, Say Hak, The Case for the Extra-Territorial Application of Corporate Governance Standards in China (November 1, 2017). University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 25. See: SSRN Link 
  • Footnote 146 of Michael, Bryane and Goo, Say Hak, The Role of Hong Kong’s Financial Regulations in Improving Corporate Governance Standards in China: Lessons from the Panama Papers for Hong Kong (November 1, 2016). University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2016/048. See: SSRN Link 


Environmental Law

  • Footnote 29 of Li, Bohao, Joining the Aotearoa New Zealand Constitutional Debate: Constitutional Environmental Rights in Our Future ‘Constitution’ (2013). Victoria University of Wellington Legal Research Paper Series Student/Alumni Paper No. 7. See: SSRN Link 
  • Page 219 of Lees, Emma, (2015). Interpreting Environmental Offences: The Need for Certainty. See Weblink

Property Law

  • Footnote 50 of Griggs, Lynden, The doctrinal coherence of the Torrens system of land registration in Australia: evolution or revolution? Diss. PhD Thesis, Bond University (2016). See: Weblink
  • Footnote 448 of Mau, Stephen D., (2013). Hong Kong legal principles: Important topics for students and professionals. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
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