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The InnoTech Law Hub of the Law Society of Hong Kong (the “Hub“) is completing the website. The Hub has revamped the webpages for the past hackathons and relevant events. The website will better serve the legal innovation community by providing a platform for coordination of activities and news sharing.

Our continuing mission

The Hub recognizes that doing innovation well is hard, and requires ambitious vision and high risk tolerance. As such, the Hub’s activities in 2020 will seek to help innovation champions in the legal profession to promote innovation support with tone from the top, whole organization’s commitment, long-term investment, and cross-disciplinary fluency.

The Hub will look to initiate innovative activities that address the mission of the Hub. This includes identifying and managing:

  • Tech-enabled disruptions to the legal profession expected in the next 5 years
  • Changes to the delivery of legal services
  • Implications on access to justice
  • Critical institutional responses needed as well as from firms and individuals.

Giving SME law firms a hand

Small and medium-size law firms constitute well over 85% of the Hong Kong legal profession, and they need a hand adopting technology and innovating their practices. On November 26, 2019, the Hub will support Law Society members and the Working Party for SME Firms to discuss the relevant supporting strategies.

Photo of Sebastian Ko Sebastian Ko

Attorney turned Entrepreneur. Led first Asian Access to Justice Hackathon.