Gavelytics  has just expanded their judges analytics product to include the 5 state counties within the boundaries of New York City ( Bronx, Kings, Queens, Richmond and, New York). The expanded judge product also includes the ability to view the dockets underlying any of the product’s metrics. A user can, for example, quickly identify every case in which a judge presided over a motion for summary judgment in a tort case and view the relevant cases.

State law analytics is a hot area of development. There are two distinct branches of litigation analytics. Some litigation analytics products focus on extracting information from judges opinions. Most litigation products including Gavelytics focus on the  second area — extracting data  from dockets and court filings such as complaints..

Gavelytics is a David facing several “Goliaths.” Lex Machina ( Owned by Lexis)  launched a Delaware Chancery product several years ago  but has remained focused on builidng out federal analytics modules. There are rumblings that they will expand their state court analytics products in the coming year. Westlaw jumped into the analytics space with a simultaneous launch of federal and state analytics when they launched Westlaw Edge – although the scope of  analytics available  on Westlaw Edge varies from state to state. Be on the look out for continuous expansion of coverage, quality and scope of product offerings in the state analytics market in 2020.

New Business Intelligence Tool. Gavelytics has also launched its new business intelligence tool, which provides reports on law firms and litigants at the state court level. For example, the product allows users to identify every case any law firm has at the state court level, which companies it represents, and which judges has appeared in front of. Users can then sort and drill down into the dockets, including downloading over tens of thousands of orders.”

 Gavelytics Webinae: Tips On Dirving Lawyer Adoptionf of Anaytics.

I was privileged to host a Gavelyics sponsored webinar on Novmber 12th which featured a panel of experts:

  • Martin Korn, Director of Research and Knowledge Services @Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
  • Michael Saint Onge, Regional Director, Research & Library Services @Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Brian Blaho,  National Manager of Research Services @Reed Smith LLP

The recording is available here

Here a few of the insights form the program:

  • Use cases for analytics include:
  • Managing client expectations
  • Developing strategic advantages or vulnerabilities in litigation
  • Anticipate staffing needs for specific types of litigation
  • Mitigating risk of clients having access to analytics insights that are not available at the firm.

Tips for Driving Adoption:

  • Be on the lookout for a lawyer who says “wow” when they see a product – future product champion,
  • Promote analytics in every available format and venue including, practice group lunches, one on one meetings, firm newsletters.
  • Have research team proactively provide analytics anytime a lawyer asks about a judge.
  • Track adoption using products such as Research Monitor, Onelog and Lookup Precision.
  • Proactively offer judicial profiles for all new litigation matters.