One of the core principles in innovation is you need to generate a lot of ideas. Quantity over quality. Give yourself a lot to choose from. You have to try many experiments. I discuss this topic, especially as it seems to work in the legal profession, in more detail in my new book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations

In many conversations and brainstorming events I’ve been part of over the years, I’ve been surprised by how difficult it is for lawyers to generate large numbers of ideas. Lawyers are reluctant to volunteer their ideas. “Ideas” are often observations or criticisms. Placing post-it notes on a wall freaks some lawyers out.

My friend Matt Homann likes to say that he has “idea surplus disorder.” Let’s just say that many people refer to me as an “idea person.” I will admit that I do feel that if there’s a blank space on the idea wall, I should fill it.

In the majority of conversation I’ve been having lately with people with new legal business ideas, I’ve noticed how they have a single idea, haven’t generated other ideas, or have moved too quickly from quantity to quality. It still surprises me a bit when I hear people over the phone writing down ideas I suggest to them.

When I conceived of Legal Innovation as a Service, this phenomenon was one of the things I had in mind.

One category of the Legal Innovation as a Service offering is called “Idea Assistance.”

I describe it as:

1. Idea Assistance

  • Ten Idea Sampler Pack – Send me your problem description and I send you ten of my best ideas
  • Pump-priming – Conferring with you in advance of your brainstorming idea session to help generate topics, subject matter ideas, and pre-event strategies
  • Participation in brainstorming or idea session with your team (Conference call)

Now that I’ve finished writing my innovation book, Allison Shields and I’s new LinkedIn book is with the book designer, and I’m well into teaching my Entrepreneurial Lawyering class at Michigan State, I realize that I have a lot of ideas, perhaps even a “surplus,” and more time to share them.

Is that the kind of help you might need with your current innovation effort?

These are pre-scoped, flat-fee offerings that come with my Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If the value you believe you receive does not match or exceed the price, you may pay the amount of the value you believe you received. Pretty simple.

I like to suggest that people start withe Ten Idea Sampler Pack. It’s a great entry point and only $2,500. Details here.