Tom Mighell and I launched The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast more than 13 years ago. I did not know until today that there was an “International Podcast Day.” Despite our urging, our podcast has decided to celebrate this holiday with a quiet evening at home.

You, on the other hand, have other options. Might I suggest celebrating by listening to our latest episode, “Legacy Technologies: Knowing the Right Time to Move On“?

Here’s the episode description:

The Kennedy-Mighell Report is all about keeping you up to date with new tech, but sometimes Dennis and Tom are left wondering—is there too much focus on the new and not enough on the old? Lots of attorneys feel most comfortable using old technology standbys and struggle to give them up, but these old friends are putting firms at risk. Dennis and Tom unpack the security and efficiency problems associated with legacy technologies and urge lawyers to be mindful of their ethical obligations for technology competency. In their second segment, they shift back to present tech to discuss the growing popularity of dark mode and its impact on user experience.

Don’t forget that, if you have a technology question for us to answer on the show, call our Tech Question Hotline at 720-441-6820.

If you would like a present from the show for your International Podcast Day celebration, download my free PDF, ““57 Tips for Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law”.


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