A while back, I blogged about my plan to create a productized service that I would call “Legal Innovation as a Service.” I’ve now finished work on the offering and am launching it.

I wanted the offering to be simple and target only a few key pain points where I can help forward-looking innovation leaders in law the most. And I wanted to help those leaders be the heroes of their own stories. I also wanted to serve as a behind-the-scenes guide with high standards providing those leaders astute and discreet advice for practical and elegant solutions. Think of it as the “Yoda” approach to help you with the right insight, nudge or push to get you back on the right path.

The result:

Legal Innovation as a Service(TM) (“LIaaS”) is a fresh approach to provide innovation leaders in legal organizations with Just-in-time, Just-enough(TM) guidance at key inflection points in the innovation process. LIaaS consists of pre-scoped, limited, flat fee service offerings to help you get desired feedback or help, move your effort forward, and let you get back to doing what you do best. You select the option you need from the catalog, we work together on that project, and you get quickly back on the road to success and achieving your vision.

  • Jumpstart idea and innovation processes
  • Avoid missteps that will cost time and money
  • Accelerate and make smarter project selections
  • Reality-test projects and get a market-wise second set of eyes on your efforts
  • Get objective evaluation of investment decisions and needed course corrections

A full description of the offering can be found here. I have also published a Legal Innovation as a Service showcase page on LinkedIn for updates and other bonus material. Legal Innovation as a Service is the first release from the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory. There are several more releases on the roadmap for 2019.

I’ve gotten some great feedback already about Legal Innovation as a Service and I’m excited to see how many people I can help as we try to create successful innovation outcomes in law.

If you want to learn more, discuss Legal Innovation as a Service options, or engage me for a Legal Innovation as a Service package, simply contact me about Legal Innovation as a Service.

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