I’m Jim Calloway and, among the many things I have done,  I’ve been a blogger covering legal technology, law office management, legal ethics and similar subjects since January 2005.

Several challenges forced me to take a blogging hiatus last year. But, as the saying goes, every challenge brings with it an opportunity. I am very pleased to announce that Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog is being relaunched this month as a part of the LexBlog network. I’ve got some big plans for some new content. But since I haven’t been blogging regularly for a few months, I’ll hold off on making big promises. Here are some important things for you to know:

1) If you previously subscribed to my blog via email or RSS, you will need to resubscribe here. I’m not inclined to automatically import previous subscribers because they haven’t heard from me in months.

2) We have imported the content from the old Typepad blog into this one, but content more than three years may still have some bad links. Both the ABA and the OBA website changed since those posts, killing many older links. I’m working on either repairing or deleting the older content. The old blog will be deleted near the end of the year.

3) Because I am, in effect, walking away from many subscribers, I need some help from my readers. If you have read my blog posts before or seen my legal tech presentations either in Oklahoma, at ABA TECHSHOW or in your area, I’d appreciate you sharing a link to this post or just to my blog with someone you know or through your social networks. Whether they visit my blog periodically or subscribe (which the LexBlog platform makes very simple), it’s more motivating to write blog posts when you know they will be read. So, a little help please.

There’s more ahead. So stay tuned.