Do you know your marketing ROI? Most effective lead channels? How many projects you took on last year and what your total profit margin was? Any successful business owner, whether they have five employees or 500, knows the ins and outs of this kind of data.

2 Reasons Why Data is So Valuable to Your Business:

1. Get Insight Into Team Performance

Trying to pin down your top sales team performer? Want to know who has the best client retention rates? A CRM with great data reporting can help you do this and much more. When you run a small business, investing in the right people can make or break you. We’ve heard countless stories over the years, from mortgage firms to debt consolidation teams who failed to manage and effectively track employee performance and soon found themselves unable to stay in business!

Great features that a CRM like Shape has are the ability to both assign tasks and user permissions. If you have a team member that handles all your merchant accounts or does just client intake for you, Shape can automatically assign those tasks to the appropriate team members when a new client comes in and give you insight into how well they complete associated tasks.

With user permissions, you can make sure your team has access to the full suite of tools it needs to succeed, but not to the private side of the business, like sensitive emails or payment info. Get the accountability you need, without sacrificing the privacy that you deserve!

2. Spend Better

Ever dumped a few hundred or thousand bucks into a Facebook or Google ad only to have it flop? A lot of businesses embrace a crapshoot approach to marketing and obtaining leads, and sadly, it’s low on their priority list to fix because they’re wasting SO much other time servicing their clients.

Suffice it to say, throwing some ads against the wall to see what sticks seldom works, and it profoundly affects your ability to build sustainable lead channels that convert over time.  

Over 40% of small businesses have no way to track the ROI or effectiveness of their customer acquisition spend online (7). Instead of hoping for the best and wasting your valuable budget, use a CRM that gives you channel and lead source reporting so you can quickly identify what’s working (and converting) best for your business.

Do you really need to be advertising on Twitter like your marketing team suggests? Should you be trying content marketing to attract prospects? Are the leads you buy online actually converting? The right CRM will give you all these answers and more.

Don’t just shoot from the hip. Your business depends on you knowing these numbers inside and out.

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