Technologies to be used in building your solutions. Teams have to be formed at least with 1 software engineer or developer. Microsoft Cloud – Azure Services will be available for teams to build your prototype. To get better understanding of the power of Azure, you may refer to technical documentation. As a guidance, teams can brainstorm solutions based on but not limited to Azure services as below:




If I am not a developer, how do I help designing solution demos? To kickstart a quick prototyping process, you can leverage some of the above suggested technologies which includes the full instruction materials, the documentations and Github link. Non-technical role teammates should also understand the design, data flow and UX in order to facilitate the whole development process. To have better preparation, you may wish to read through the technical documents and videos and set up your whole Azure account before attending the event.

Take designing a chatbot as example, it’s important to prepare the questions and answer for the bot, the keywords that the bot should capture, user conversation flow, when to hand-off to human agent etc. For all level of participants to understand and how to design a better chatbot, please read: