Docket Alarm has announced a new partnership with data-sharing platform, Zapier. With this partnership, Docket Alarm members will be able to access U.S. court data from over 500 different apps, opening a world of exciting integration possibilities.

As more software is being delivered over the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for legal professionals to sync data across systems. Information easily becomes “siloed” in discrete repositories making it difficult for users to share. However, new technology is tearing down these silos, allowing applications to speak with each other, enhancing productivity.

“More and more, attorneys are expected to improve efficiency through technology,” says Michael Sander, CEO of Docket Alarm, “we’ve opened up our court data, so any attorney can automatically analyze and process court cases and opinions without programming experience.”

Traditionally, U.S court data has been a “silo.” The opinions, briefs, and docket sheets that make up U.S. law reside in hundreds of discrete systems across the country, and gathering and sharing that information has remained a painful process.

Today, Docket Alarm and Zapier bring U.S. court data to the rest of the app ecosystem. Apps like Gmail, Outlook, Excel, Salesforce and even Twitter can pull live court data, automating repetitive tasks and smoothing workflows. For example, Docket Alarm can now add court dates to an Outlook calendar; perform automatic conflicts check with your existing Salesforce database; chat live search results as a Slack chat-bot; or even automatically send a tweet when your firm wins a case.

These are just a few examples. Legal professionals can build countless integrations without a programmer, making the possibilities limitless.

Companies benefit from the myriad of options offered by this new partnership. Financial institutions and law firms can reduce legal errors and improve due diligence. E-Discovery companies and legal vendors can create workflows that automate and optimize their marketing and outreach efforts. Lawyers can build custom workflows based on specific legal events.

“The trend in tech has been to allow technologies to interoperate with each other,” says Sander, “we’re proud to be able to bring this trend to legal tech as well.”

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