San Francisco-based activity tracker startup, Fitbit, Inc., filed a complaint on November 2 with the ITC, requesting an investigation in the importation and sale of activity tracking devices by AliphCom, more commonly known as Jawbone, and BodyMedia, Inc. Fitbit alleges these devices, which included Jawbone’s “UP” product line and the “UP” App, infringe on claims in three of its patents.

The ITC is well known to be a fast-moving patent venue.  While the docket might indicate that not much has happened since the case was filed in November, in the next three months, an important substantive hearing (claim construction) will be in April 2016 and a final decision from the judge is due in less than a year.  To receive the latest developments as FitBit’s ITC investigation unfolds, attorneys can setup tracking with Docket Alarm for this docket to receive email alerts. The email alerts contain a summary of the update along with a PDF attachment of the filing, eliminating the need to take the extra step of logging into the platform. Users can also set up Docket Alarm tracking for any ITC decision or even any ITC search query.

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